“We are a vibrant network taking a stand for all people. We fight for justice and against oppression. We will build a better future.”

The HUB is a continually evolving organized network of people and organizations.  We operate broadly in the Central Susquehanna Valley including Columbia, Montour, Northumberland, Snyder, Lycoming, and Union counties.

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This Week’s Broadhseet- with info on two Women’s march options.

We are a member of Pennsylvania Together

Video: Jenn Rager-Kay and Jordi Comas explain The Hub while receiving an award on behalf of everyone in The Hub.  Keystone Research Center Awards, September 2017.  Video by Chip Facka.

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The Broadsheet


We produce the bi-weekly “Broadsheet” which provides information on upcoming events, calls to action ranging from five to fifteen minutes, local journalism, resources, and much more.  The Broadsheet aims to be the one indispensable read for the concerned and busy activist.

The HUB for Progress- shortening the path between passion and action