Lakey Followup
Did you come to the Lakey "How We Win" summit and workshop on Oct 5?
Do you, or your group, want to be included in on-going and future converasations and training activities around Lakey's ideas and direct action campaigns? *
How did you hear about the Lakey "How We Win" summit or other event?
how did you hear
Would you want to join a book circle in your area to discuss "How We Win" and the ideas around how to build effective campaigns for change?

George Lakey was in our area from Oct 1-5 speaking on progressive social movement building at various college campuses and did an all-day workshop for the HUB Summit at Wild Goose Farm on Saturday.  Over 30 local activists attended the Summit from a variety of local groups. A video of George’s presentation will be available on the HUB website for those of you who are interested and were not able to attend. 

You can buy this from the HUB for $15 and help us raise money!

The main focus of the workshop was to give us the perspective and tools to plan on-going nonviolent direct action campaigns that involve strategizing how to be most effective on the topics we are already working on, how to bring those issues together and how to sustain the work we are doing rather than just demonstrate on a one-time basis.

George and Penn leading group introductions in the (chilly) barn at Wild Goose Farm


He provided us with much to think about and the HUB will be planning on-going training and strategizing as follow-up to this workshop with George Lakey.  Contact Jordi ( if you are interested in buying a copy of either of George’s books — How We Win! and Viking Economics. Contact Penn ( if you are interested in having a workshop on strategizing on-going campaigns.