The HUB is offering Free Trainings in nonviolent direct action on three Saturdays in June:

  • June 1 at Wild Goose Farm in the Lewisburg area
  • June 8 outside Montoursville
  • June 15 at Pavilion #2 in the Town Park in Bloomsburg.

These free trainings are being offered through ACT (Active Community Training) by the Peacekeepers Group and will cover basic information/background, role plays, and discussions of how to use this tool to strengthen our work. Please talk with your organization about taking this training as a group because we will be focusing on how to function together as an “affinity” group. Individual members of the HUB will find others at the training to form groups that will be able to work together in general in political work and not just for nonviolent direction actions.

Nonviolent direct action is one tool that we need to have for the political work we are doing. If we do not plan strategically how to use this tool, we can end up using it ineffectively and weakening our work.

Contact Penn at 570-716-9828 or if you are interested in learning more or to register for trainings in Lewisburg or Bloomsburg. Please email Barb Jarmoska ( to register for the training in the Montoursville area.

PLEASE CONSIDER NOW WHICH TRAINING YOU AND YOUR GROUP PLAN TO ATTEND. Come either as a group of friends or as an individual. In the latter case, you will find others at the training to form a group.

June is not that far off so plan now!