The movement for Black Lives has galvanized the nation and here in Pennsylvania many newly formed groups and coalitions are moving forward with a concrete agenda for legislative and cultural reform to bring about racial justice and equity now. We have a set of policy goals, but we also have the immediate challenge of the 2020 General Election coming up on Tuesday, November 3. We invite all our partners and allies to step up and assert #OurVoteMatters. Let’s make sure we act on the importance of this and every election to Black Lives throughout the Commonwealth and the nation.

We invite everyone to activate their voting superpowers for this month to augment their ongoing activist superpowers. To provide some structure for this month’s heavy lift, we are promoting a sequence of registration, information, and mobilization. Here’s what we all need to do, roughly week by week:

  1. Registration — make use of the Black Voters Matter voting toolbox page to register yourself if you are not yet registered. If you already are, then confirm or update your registration. And then, given how the registration deadline of October 19 is looming, move on from there to multiply your registration by reaching out to your top contacts to make sure they are registered or confirmed/updated and getting them in turn to reach out to their top contacts. To do that TEXT wematter to 79-79-79.
  2. Information (Part 1) — find out about your voting optionsyour county elections office, and COVID-19 implications for your community and yourself.
  3. Information (Part 2) — Make a Plan — remember what Michelle Obama said during the convention last month, pick which option is best for you — if you’re going with mail-in or absentee, putting that process in motion, applying well before the October 27 deadline — if you’re going in person early, decide on when, how, and who’s going with you — if you’re going in person on Election Day, Nov 3, decide what time, how you’re getting there, and who to bring along.
  4. Mobilization — this is it! TIME TO VOTE! Execute your plan, and bring those friends you said were part of it. (Also find other ways to help others to mobilize effectively, for example by fighting disinformation. e.g. help educate people about how there are several ways to vote legally now in PA and you can even register now online but you cannot vote online no matter what someone on instagram says!)

Tell everyone to text WEMATTER to 79-79-79!
Don’t be deceived by the title. YelloPain lays down some truth about the importance of voting every chance we get!

We’re going to be offering weekly check-ins to make sure everyone is making progress on all their plans. Each Monday evening leading up to the election at 7:30pm on zoom (password 910 922) and also each Thursday lunchtime at 12:30pm on this zoom link (787 783).

  • MONDAY, Oct 5th — we’ll review the week one outreach plan and the registration multiplier text shortcut; this week will also be a preview of all the other weeks for all the activists who are already plugged in; those who are motivated will be able to “work ahead” and get all the other steps done right away
  • MONDAY, Oct 12th — we’ll go over how and why to find your County Elections Office which is useful for those who run into difficulty registering online and also in case you want to pick up a mail-in ballot in person and/or even go ahead and vote early in-person
  • MONDAY, Oct 19th — the meeting will be at the very end of the final day of voter registration so it will look beyond that for a deep dive on the absentee/mail-in ballot process, including multiple envelopes (don’t vote “naked”!), signature and date, and considering who may need to apply just because of COVID
  • MONDAY Oct 26th — finalizing and mailing or delivering absentee/mail-in ballots and confirming your plan to vote
  • MONDAY, Nov 2nd — execution, confirming with your registration multiplier top contacts (this should be happening all along but this is the last call!); checking online that their absentee/mail-in has been received (if they mailed or delivered it early enough); getting any remaining COVID-safe voting plans in place — getting everyone over the interim finish line of Nov 3 so we can go back to the critical business of asserting and ensuring that #BlackLivesMatter each and every day in the US of A.

Here’s a slideshow of the content of the page. And a link to download same: